Why not?


How much?


Over there?

Are we there yet?

Are we good?

What's up?

Are you up for that?

Are you down with that?

Are you listening to me?

Why aren't you listening to me? 

Was it something I said? 

Can you even? 

Are you kidding me? 

Does this look right to you?

Are you finished with that?

Is this the way to 5th Avenue? 

Do I know you from somewhere? 

Whatcha do last night? 

Whatcha doing this weekend?

It's cray cray, right?

Do you reallggr lerrfffzzlll lrrrlme? (asked while drunk)

Is there something in between my teeth? 

Are you caught up to season 3 yet? 

I am soooooo late right now. (spoken with a rising tone at the end by a 12-year old, so it sounds like a question)

Where do I put this? 

Can you watch this for me? 

Can I write your name on this cup? 

Do you have insurance? 

Is anybody watching? 

Is that the one with that guy from that TV show? 

Do you work here? 

Did I spell your name right? 

Can I really spend 15 minutes and save 15% on my car insurance? (this question sponsored by GEICO)

Is there life on Mars? 

Will that be on the test? 

Does it hurt when I do this? 

Can you move over a little? 

Do I have to? 

Plastic OK?




(photos by Amy Semple)